He May Have Been More Famous Than Pedrito Fernandez, But He Lost Everything For Love

Peter Fernandez

It is said that to be successful in the artistic world you need a good star, talent and a good godfather, Pedro Fernandez is a clear example of this, because he has talent and his godfather was Vicente Fernandez himself, that’s why That’s the singer his surname.

And it could be the case of another young man named Miguel ngel Rodriguez, who won the prize of the famous talent reality show “La Academia”, in which he received 1 million pesos and a contract to record an album, which according to him would be a success. .

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He was so confident of success that he spent one lakh pesos on his marriage with his girlfriend, which was the most luxurious. However, the love did not last long and they divorced after a few months, with the young woman keeping most of the money left from the marriage and she lost everything. His records were also not as successful as expected, so now he can be seen selling cell phones at flea markets for a living.

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