He outshined Tony Costa, worked with Belinda and today Televisa mourns his departure

Tony Costa and Belinda

Spanish dancer Tony Costa became world famous by participating in the “Mira Quiña Bella” Univision program, in which Tony was a teacher, dancer and choreographer mentor to several stars who competed to become dance champions.

And like him, the great maestro Felix Greco, choreographer, dancer and director who worked with great stars in Mexico and trained generations of show business. He was also the judge of the program ‘Bailando Por Un Sueño’, he said goodbye to this world at the age of 71.

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According to Televisa Espectáculos, the dancer fainted at home, so he was taken to the hospital; Everything seemed to be fine since his health condition was stable, however, the choreographer lost his life due to cardiac arrest.

Felix Greco is one of the most famous directors

His great works include children’s groups such as Timbiriche and Fresas con Crema and several Mexican soap operas such as Compalis al Rescate, Aventuras en el Tiempo, Amigos por siempre, Codigo Fama, Alegrizes and Rebujos, among others. Peace in his grave.

Felix Greco as Judge

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