He released the first trailer for the bloody live-action version of ‘The Grinch’

stop everything! The first trailer for the bloody live-action ‘The Grinch’ has finally been released. Now get ready to banish Jim Carrey’s version from your magical Christmas memories.

Have you heard the story of The Grinch and how he stole Christmas? This may sound familiar to you because of Dr. Seuss’ literary work and that he gained unprecedented popularity in his book with Jim Carrey. live action, Yes, a classic character at Christmas time, but it doesn’t compare to the bloody and visceral version that hit theaters. Now, after so much waiting, we finally have the first trailer for this new take on the character with green hair and a small heart.

Through social networks, the progression, lasting less than a minute and a half, has started going viral. according to a report by buzz filmThe titles of this new film of The Grinch will be Selfishsomething that can only be translated as “bad guy”, but that’s not the point, But there is too much blood and hideous death for us.


The story will focus on the city of The Neuville, where the story of el grinch and his hatred for Christmas, but it can’t compare when he starts a killing spree using a Typical butcher knife, to give even more clarity to the slasher genre on which it is based, as would be expected Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey,

The difference is that this time he’ll find his greatest rival in Cindy (Crystal Martin), even as the Steven LaMorte-directed film promises a fight. A bat filled with Christmas lights, a gun in the shape of a candy cane and… a bomb in the shape of a sphere!


If that wasn’t enough, know that the actor behind this creepy reimagining of The Grinch is David Howard Thornton, Art the Clown himself, the sadistic killer in Terrific and Terrific: The Sinister Clown. It can almost ensure a high level of gore, but with Christmas characters.

it is expected that SelfishThis bloody version of The Grinch premiered in the United States in December this yearSo we still have to wait if there will be distribution plans in both Mexico and Latin America, as happened with Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, a film that Cinemax will bring to our country.

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