He shone brighter than Eric del Castillo, but today the world mourns his passing

Eric Del Castillo

One of the most recognized and beloved actors of Mexican show business is Erik del Castillo, who began his career as an actor at the age of 20, while he was studying at the Film Institute, but everyone saw him as a mature Remembers as Heartbeat starred in several successful projects such as: Lies, I’ll Never Forget You, The Abyss of Passion among others.

and like him, the famous Pat Morita, who also wanted to study medicine, as thought by Mr. Eric del Castillo; He started his career as a comedian, until he matured, he got a starring role in the movie Karate Kid as a great actor.

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And like Don Eric del Castillo, Pat Morita established himself as a mature actor, and although he never achieved the same success as with The Karate Kid saga, he continued to shine in other productions such as O’Hara, In which he gave life to a detective.

Pat Morita died on November 24, 2005

And the world mourns his passing today on his 17th death anniversary; The actor was suffering from kidney failure, which took him out of this world.

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