He shone with Maribel Guardia, was the best villain, but misfortune knocked on his door and now he sells tacos for a living.

maribel guardia

Carlos Miguel was considered one of the best villains on the small screen, his face being easily recognizable to bad guys and thugs in history; He worked in soap operas such as: “Volver a empressor” and “Tu y yo” where he starred alongside Maribel Guardia and Joan Sebastian; or “Two Women One Way” with Bibi singing.

Actor Carlos Miguel had fame, money and fortune; But one day misfortune struck him and when he was on his way to drop his daughter off at her school, some thugs stopped him to kidnap her: “I don’t like to talk about it, They took me with their daughters and they are fine,” he declared. Carlos Miguel during an interview with TV Notes.

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He tried to defend himself, so during the struggle they cut him and injured his face, losing part of his facial mobility; They also broke some of his teeth; This changed his physical appearance, making him unrecognizable, so he stopped getting offers for television work.

Carlos Miguel, the actor who sells tacos for a living

After working on television, the actor decides to start a business with a friend, and what better than a taco stand; So now he is dedicated to selling this delicious and famous dish on the street. His business has allowed him to grow and sometimes have fans and friends who recognize him and promote him on social networks.

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