He thought he was more irresistible than Andres Garcia, but a woman made him cry for her love

andres garcia

That Andres Garcia is one of the most valuable and loved actors of all time. His heroism has catapulted him as one of the most wanted leading men for over three decades, it is well known that the actor has had countless romances with over a thousand women.

Many have tried to compete and reach their level, but none have succeeded; Someone who was also considered a heartthrob was the Sun of Mexico, Luis Miguel, who was said to be completely irresistible, but there was a woman he couldn’t conquer.

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This is the violinist Olga Bryshkin, who was recognized and famous for her beauty and sensuality, and who captivated the sun in a fitted white dress with a neckline. As the violinist recalled in First Hand, Luis Miguel fell in love with her.

Luis Miguel followed her to go out with him

Suraj is believed to have followed her and asked her to go out on several occasions, although it was too young for Olga and she preferred the older ones. For which he used to reject it up to 30 times, for which the singer became crazy.

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