He tried to steal love from Fernando Colunga, but death came to him and oblivion came to him

Fernando Colunga

One of Fernando Colunga’s most famous telenovelas is Alborada, where he shared the screen with Lucero, Ernesto LaGuardia, Alejandro Tomasi, Daniela Romo and Valentino Lanas; And it was Valentino Lanus who fell in love with Donna Hippolyta, the love of Luis Manrique, a character played by Fernando Colunga. In this story, Martin, Lanas, dies defending the character of Hippolyta, Lucero.

It was a great occasion for Valentino Lanas, who starred in new telenovelas as a leading figure and won the hearts of hundreds of fans around the world; But neither fame nor fortune was enough for him and he took a drastic decision.

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And it is that after participating in successful productions he decided to travel the world to “find his way” and during this journey he turned to the spiritual life, meeting his partner with whom he has a daughter. And he has radically changed his life, inclining to a healthier lifestyle.

Valentino Lanes has been in the limelight since 2017

He becomes a spiritual guide, sharing his experiences and knowledge via social networks, but the heartthrob who is being loved so much is because Lanes has decided not to act again and to walk away from soap operas forever. decided to.

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