He wanted to follow in Lucero’s footsteps, but his acting career failed due to these reasons

Chispita Was an Inspiring Telenovela for Today’s Great Artists

Lucero took off as a performer in 1982, when she was barely 10 years old. The first major role the actress got was unforgettable “hospital”telenovela where she starred alongside important actors, among whom are The incomparable Angelica Aragon, Enrique Lizalde, Alma Delfina, Rogelio Guerra and Beatriz Morenojust to mention a few.

Lucero with acclaimed actress Angelica Aragon

Due to the popularity of his character, several children’s competitions were started, which inspired younger aspiring actors of the time to start professional lives within the medium. The name of one of the celebrities who participated is singer who is now loved by manyand is internationally renowned for his original compositions.

More news about Lucero:

is not less than Gloria Trevi little girl winning the contest “The Double of Chispita”, enjoying a fully paid trip to Cancun, a scholarship to study English, and a place within the Televisa Artistic Training Center. without knowing it, “La Trevi” would begin the path to success, fame and global recognition for Lucero’s memorable character.

All was not well for Gloria, as she had to overcome significant challenges, both professional and personal, before making her way to the top. On the labor side, despite her attempts to stand out as a soap opera actress, singer never managed to consolidate for example.

Gloria Trevi’s unsuccessful acting career

Gloria Trevi has tried her luck as an actress in both film and television, but He never won the public through that art. He has acted in three films: “free hair”with Humberto Zurita; “old shoes”tape that he wrote himself, and at the end “Un Papa Sin Catsup” Where he played two roles at once.

It wasn’t until 2013 when Trevi managed to sign a contract with Televisa as the protagonist of the telenovela. “Free To Love You”, Sharing credits with Gabriel Soto and Consuelo Duval. Sadly, the story went under the radar even though it was anticipated with great trepidation. It is noteworthy to mention that the musical theme of the melodrama, which bears the same title and was performed by Gloria Trevi, is one of the most successful songs in the artist’s extensive repertoire.

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