He was a great soap opera heartthrob, but weight gain marginalized him from the screen and now he tries to survive

Francisco Gatorno is a Cuban film and television actor. are famous for participating in TV serial in Mexico, Colombia and the United States. The actor made his debut in the Cuban film “A Bride for David”, and in 1995 he starred in “La Duena”, his first to star and his first film in Mexico. PrinceWith actress and former First Lady of Mexico Angelica Rivera.

soap opera actor was a Prince in his time and was married to Mexican actress Cynthia Clitbo between 1995 and 1997 and from 1999 francisco gattorno He is married to Cuban-born Belmaris González dancer, with whom he has two daughters, Isabella and Carolina Alicia. Some of the most outstanding works on the small screen of francisco has been done in TV serial “The Cane Field of Passion”, “The Labyrinth of Passion” and “Class 406”.

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