He was Adela Micha. have beautiful kids

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Adele Michael He had a few loves in his past, but with only one he managed to build a lasting relationship that The greatest joys of his life were born, It was with Sergio Gotlin with whom the communicator welcomed his two children and although they usually lead quite private lives, here we tell you who they are.

Not much is known about Adela Micah’s relationship with Sergio Gottlieb as the journalist has always tried to keep her personal life away from the eyes of the media. The marriage of a former television producer and communicator managed to stay intact for 13 years,

What is known through their mutual friends is that the marriage of Adela Micah and Sergio Gottlieb was full of affection, love and joy. so that from this union Carlos and Therese were born and they are all professionals,

He was Adela Micha. have children

Adela Micha is one of the most recognized Mexican journalists in the country and has managed to show her professionalism in various news portals. One of the most important aspects for a communicator belongs to the mother, and from time to time she is seen on social networks with her children to show how much they have grown.

Carlos Gottlieb is Adela Michael’s eldest son and is currently devoted to its entrepreneurial businesses CEO and Founder of Dreambits, This project is dedicated to create different tools by combining technology and design.

Entrepreneurship came to him from a very young age as he made his first product when he was barely 18 years old and since then he has not stopped. ,coping with the problems of everyday life”, said Carlos Gottlieb About what your company offers during an interview with Nación 321.

Some time ago Carlos Gottlieb was involved in a heated controversy when The news of their divorce was leaked on social networks, It is believed that his wife Ivonne Betek Kalach was unfaithful to him, so they decided to end their relationship.

On the other hand, unlike Carlos Gottlieb, Adela Micah’s only daughter, remains out of the public eye. Therese used to update about her life on her YouTube channelBut over time he left it in oblivion.

The last thing heard about him on said forum was in 2006 when he mentioned it Was studying at CDMX’s American School Foundation, It was in this school where he specialized in cinematography, attending Writer and director in various student short films,

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