He was Eduardo Capetillo’s great love, he suffered just like Edmari López, but his fate was fatal

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It’s no secret to anyone that actor Eduardo Capetillo, married to singer and actress Bibi Gaten for several decades, together they have five children and spend their days on a luxurious farm in Mexico, they are one of the most solid couples. One is the artistic environment.

But before they had a happy marriage, Eduardo Capetillo was the heartthrob of young girls in the 80s and 90s, and it was thanks to his songs and great fans that he came to star in “Canción d’Amor”, in which He starred alongside Lorena Redd. ,

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The pair caused a stir in the media and the public as their chemistry was unbelievable, unfortunately actress Lorena Rojas could not continue to shine in front of the cameras as a terrible disease attacked her, just like her friend Admari Lopez, Rojas was diagnosed with cancer.

Lorena Rojas battles liver cancer

Lorena Rojas struggled with this terrible disease for a long time, however, all efforts and medicines were in vain due to the death of the actress at the age of 45.

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