He was more beautiful than Gabriel Soto, but misfortune took him to another world amid ruin

Gabriel Soto

Anyone who remembers Gabriel Soto in his youth knows that he was one of the most beloved leading men on the small screen. His physical appearance gave him the chance to shine with many beautiful actresses, and like him was another leading man of the time, who shared the screen with various beauties such as: Verónica Castro in Los Ricos También Llorán.

It is about the first actor Rogelio Guerra, one of the great heroes of Mexican television. He rose to fame in soap operas such as: Birthright, Two Houses, Even the Rich Cry, among others.

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But his life took a 180-degree turn when, after being one of the most iconic leading men, and starring in dozens of soap operas, as Televisa vetoed him, after 3 decades of working with He then went to TV Azteca, which offered him a contract of three novels with a very juicy salary. Some that seemed great, however, did not keep their promise and ruined it, as they started a legal battle that ruined them.

The actor died broken and in illness

The stress of Maribel Robles, the actor’s wife, Vito, debts and a legal dispute overcame him with Alzheimer’s, leaving him speechless and confined to a wheelchair. The actor passed away on February 18, 2018.

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