He was more handsome than Sebastian Rulli, but his character made him the most despised

Sebastian Rulli

One of the most beloved actors of all time is Sebastian Rulli and the fact is that the actor is also one of the most heroic. He has participated in the productions: Pasion with Fernando Colunga; Teresa, along with Angelique Boyer, among others weep rich.

And how he had another young actor who had a bright future ahead of him, this is Eleazar Gomez, who started his acting career at the age of 5, and has participated in soap operas such as: Rebelde, Lola Erez Una Vez and Las Tontas No Van Al Darling; In all these productions he shone for his talent and charisma.

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But his character would turn out to be his worst enemy, as his fiancee Teffi Valenzuela denounced him for domestic violence and this led to his imprisonment. It is learned that after the actor proposed to the young singer and model, in a fit of rage, he assaulted her at his apartment.

What happened to Eleazar Gomez?

Following a complaint from his fiancée, Eleazar’s other ex-partners admitted that they had experienced violent courtship and were also victims of the artist. The scandal and his behavior cost him his job in La Mexicana y el Guerro, a production with Itati Cantoral and Juan Soler. He also ended up in the northern prison, where he had left several months earlier to try to fix his life.

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