He was the hero that Victoria Ruffo and Veronica Castro disputed, but no one remembers him now

Victoria Ruffo and Veronica Castro

They are beautiful, famous and great representatives of Mexican television; Verónica Castro and Victoria Ruffo have both starred in successful telenovelas and have been representatives of Mexico to the world, as their productions have reached the entire planet.

But little did they know that their lover was only one; And it is none other than Eduardo Capetillo, the elder brother of Guillermo Capetillo, actor and bullfighter, who starred with Veronica Castro as her lover in the telenovela “Rosa Salvaje” and in the melodrama “Los Ricos Tambien Lloren”. as your son.

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For his part with Victoria Ruffo he starred in the telenovela “La Fiera”, which was a total success; All this because of the story and the great chemistry shown on screen; It was also rumored that Guillermo and Victoria had a relationship.

Victoria Ruffo made a lot of recognition with her telenovela

The rumors were so strong that people asked if they were together in real life, there were even media who made the relationship and how it started, of course they never confirmed the relationship. But, despite the success, Guillermo Capetillo got tired of the limelight and decided to lead a normal life. He moved away from the screen and devoted himself to the real estate business, to the point that no one remembers him as a leading man in soap operas.

Veronica Castro and Guillermo Capetilover

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