He went from shining with Bibby Gayton and Maribel Guardia to selling tacos for a living.

Bibi Gayton and Maribel Guard

To speak of Maribel Guardia or Bibi Guyton is to speak of great stars who have been companions of actors of their stature such as Andrés García or Eduardo Capetillo; However, how would the story be without a good villain or at least an antagonist.

And among the “bad guys of the 90s” was Carlos Miguel, who participated in soap operas such as: “Start Again”, “Mujeres Betrayed” with Andrés García and Laura León, with Maribel Guardia and Joan Sebastian. Tu Wai Yo”, or “Two Women and a Path” with Bibi Gaytan.

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Carlos Miguel had fame, money and fortune, although one day when he was dropping his little girl off for school they tried to kidnap her, they injured her and it was a traumatic event: “I don’t care about it.” don’t like to talk about much, they took me with my daughters and they were fine” said Carlos Miguel, who didn’t give up; They struggled, they bit him and hurt him, causing him to lose part of his facial mobility in addition to “knocking” some of his teeth, so he stopped receiving offers to work on television.

Carlos Miguel Was Depressed, But He Didn’t Let Himself Lose

The actor still has good friends among them, although they could not help him return to television; So he had to resort to setting up a business. Now he sells tacos with a friend who has allowed him to make a living, something fans recognize him and promote him on social networks.

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