Healing Mass: The Christian Ritual With Which Tamara Falco Tried to Improve Onigo Oniwa

on 23 September. marked before and after in the life of Tamara Falco, Hours before this explosive date she’ll never forget, the Marchionnese of Grinon announces their engagement inigo oniva through social media. Very inspired, she dedicated some kind words to her future husband. However, an unexpected turn of events triggered a wave of reactions when a video of the businessman kissing a woman during the concert was leaked. burning ManHeld in Nevada (United States).

As the days went by, Isabel Preisler’s daughter continued with her professional commitments and spoke quite naturally about the infidelity that undermined her future plans with Oniva. Last Friday I flew to Mexico to attend the World Congress of Families as a speaker. During this Catholic meeting, the aristocrat confessed to the attendees how she had managed to make her former partner know her Catholic faith from within. «We went on Sunday en masse and we managed to get her started collectively. he even confessedTamara told. He also pointed out that Inigo went through so-called healing people, but what are they about?

Tamara Falco and Inigo Oniva in MadridGTRES

It consists of a typical Eucharistic celebration, emphasizing the charisma and gifts of the Holy Spirit.To spread physical and spiritual strength to the health of the faithful. These ceremonies can be performed by any priest, and mainly involve people who have lost their spiritual health due to despair, loss of faith or lack of charity. Many believers turn to healing people as a last resort and seek solutions to the problems they are suffering from.

“It’s been a terrible awakening, but at the same time I think about forgiveness, I think about the importance of forgiveness”, Tamara hinted without realizing how the man on whom she had placed all her trust had betrayed her. “I do not understand, that is, what has happened does not fit in my head, but I think that he and all those who are lost in the shadows deserve to know the truth and the love of God,” he remarked. For all Mexico, clearly affected.

During this intervention, the daughter of the deceased Carlos Falco confesses what her prayers were when their relationship was set in motion., «I prayed very strongly that, if my boyfriend was there for me at the time, that it would come true, that we would get married and if not, please, I would separate him», he explained. After a few days in Aztec country, the winner of MasterChef Celebrity landed at Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas airport this Tuesday, October 4, without making any further statements about it. It will be next Thursday, when in theory, if all goes according to plan, she will reappear on television to attend El Hormiguero, a venue led by Pablo Mottos, as an accomplice.

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