Helena’s prediction that propels season 2 of ‘House of the Dragon’

Aegon II’s sister and wife, Helena Targaryen, mentioned something that very few people noticed during the final two chapters of “House of the Dragon” but may be revealed for the second season.

dragon house is nearing the end of its big season and Things ain’t looking easy for Rahnera Targaryen (Emma D’Arcy), After Alicent Hightower (Olivia Cookappointed his firstborn as the new heir to the Iron Throne, After seeing that abrupt end between Rainis (Eve Best), Queen, and Aegon II (Tom Glynn-Carney), we can’t help but wonder what’s in store for the Seven Kingdoms now that the rivalry in the Targaryen dynasty looms.

Although it seems that Alicent’s only children are Aegon and Amond, queen and spectator. He has left Helena aside (Fia Saban), who is also the wife of the new king, because despite the fact that she is always alone and starts saying things that are incomprehensible or out of context, The princess mentions phrases that later turn out to be true,

The first time Helena had predicted anything was when her brother Amond (Evan Mitchell) lost an eye. As the prince complained about not having a dragon, Helena said “you have to close one eyeAnd his mom tells him he’ll eventually have one. The second time was during Viserys’ unforgettable dinner with his family in episode eight, when he says that “there is an animal under the board“, and when Alicent goes to episode nine to announce the death of his father, he repeats it all over again.

This saying becomes real at the end of the chapter, because in fact We see Reni emerge from the floor of the temple in which the coronation of Aegon II takes place. As the new king of Westeros. The “Queen Who Never Was” is riding her dragon Mélis, a symbol of the Targaryen House, and threatens the Hightower family but decides to let them live while fleeing King’s Landing.

Helena prophesies Rainis’ escape

Maybe this lonely, serious and weird girl Python dreamingwho are defined as people who have dragon blood in their veins and who Dreams often come true, usually involving dragons, but not always. Members of the Blackfire House and characters like Aegon the Conqueror and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) possessed them, so it’s possible that Helena also carries that peculiar trait.

During the funeral scene of Lenore Valerian (Savannah Stan), the family gathers to mourn her, but at this time Helena mentions a prophecy that could lead to the events of season two. ,The hand becomes the loom; Green spool, black spool. Dragons of Flesh Weaving Dragons of ThreadsHelena sang softly as the others said goodbye to Damon’s (Matt Smith) wife.

Helena episode 6. predicted events from

Could it be that this poem refers to the ensuing civil war between Rainera and Aegon? It may possibly refer to Otto (Ris Ifan), the hand of the king; The distinction between the Hightower and Targaryen families, whose colors are green and black, may refer to the respectability, or even the authenticity of, the Valyrian blood., The truth is that with George RR Martin everything is unpredictable.

The Dancing of the Dragons is getting closer and closer, and next Sunday we’ll be able to see Raina’s strategy to reclaim her right to the throne, which was usurped by her own brother. do not forget it the end of dragon house Airs at 8:00 pm on HBO Max.,

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