Henry Cavill Confirms He Won’t Return as Superman After Chat With James Gunn

It’s Official, British Actor Henry Cavill Says He Won’t Return As Superman After Chatting With New DC Bosses James Gunn And Peter Safran

The bad news continues for DC fans. After Patty Jenkins Confirms She Won’t Direct Wonder Woman 3 Starring British Actor Gal Gadot Henry Cavill He just confirmed he won’t be wearing the Superman suit again Completely canceling plans made with Man of Steel 2. It looks like all traces of the Snyderverse, including Ben Affleck as Batman, will be erased by the new leadership.

“I just met with James Gunn (Peacemaker) and Peter Safran, the creator of Aquaman, and I have some very sad news for them. I won’t be coming back as Superman after all.“That’s despite Dwayne Johnson recently appearing in the post-credits scene of Black Adam and making a video to quite cheer up our lives with his words as Kal-El,” his statement shared on social networks I went ahead.

“In October they confirmed my return and now it won’t be possible. This is life. This is something that usually happens in a change of command. and i respect that, They both have a universe to build upon and I wish them the best of luck and happiness on the path they are about to face.” The threat and Zack Snyder’s intention to perpetuate the legacy is a priority.

Cavill most recently appeared in his role as Sherlock Holmes in the film Enola Holmes 2 alongside Millie Bobby Brown, left The Witcher due to creative differences and gave his body and soul to the Man of Steel project and everything is different. Done. By making his dismissal official, he may have also confirmed suspicions that the sequel black adamfrom the director Jaime Colette Serrait’s unforgivable As reported by US Portals last week.

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‘Black Adam 2’ won’t happen as planned

that is, We’ll be looking forward to a clash of the titans between Dwayne and Henry, So far, Gadot hasn’t been informed about her stint as Princess Diana, nor has she spoken about the contractual status of Ezra Miller, whose next film The Flash will be ground zero for the reboot of the DC cinematic universe. who was the director of The Suicide Squad. Schemes. ,

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Superman’s Heartfelt Farewell

“To all who have been with me on this journey, Superman is still with us. What he fought for still exists, and the best example is that we are still here. The time to wear the cloak is over. it was one of many ups and downs“he concluded. Of course, a hate campaign against the still-director of Guardians of the Galaxy for this blatant crime against Kryptonian fans began on social networks with the hashtag #FireJamesGunn.

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