Hiberus launches its first edition of Entrepreneurship Program to promote business projects

‘Take your project to the next level’ is the first edition of the Hiberus Entrepreneurship Program aimed at promote the growth and development of startup and business projects In addition, specialized consultants will impart the necessary knowledge to the entrepreneurs, through a training itinerary based on agile methodology and individual mentoring sessions.

This version is derived from the Hibernate Entrepreneurship Program focused on projects in the incubation phase. Following the Startup Bootcamp event last June, which accelerated a total of eight projects from across Spain, The terminal has led this initiative by the Foundation Hiberus e Hiberus and supported by the City Council of Zaragoza. To accelerate the ideas in the acceleration phase at the national level.

Hibernate-Boost Entrepreneurship Program is for two types of projects They differ according to the degree of their development:

  • Projects that have developed a minimum viable product Or those very close to developing it, and who want to acquire the management skills to bring their start-up to market.
  • Startups or companies with the product in the market Those who have specific challenges that help fuel their development.

Those selected to be part of the Hibernate-Boost Entrepreneurship Program will have an initial clinical meeting to analyze the situation and determine their needs, concrete actions, and measurable goals. Later, An action plan will be developed with mentors to measure the achievement of objectives and Weekly monitoring will be done through individual counseling.

During the execution of the Hibernate-Boost Entrepreneurship Program, Entrepreneurs Will Use a Training Itinerary created to promote them startup and business projects, likewise, they will have training sessions every week to address issues related to strategy and innovation, digital marketing and one’s legal-financial structure. start up,

It will take place in Zaragoza from June 3 to 5.

The duration of this initiative is three months and Last date for submission of application is open, entrepreneur You can register by 20 September Because the Hibernate-Boost Entrepreneurship Program will start from 28th September and end on 22nd December.

Interested people can fill in the information that appears in the following form to participate in ‘Take Your Project to the Next Level’.

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