Hidden Trojan discovered in 190 Android apps that enrolls users in unwanted paid services

Computer security company Kaspersky has found that there are more than 190 applications available in the Play Store, including About 4.8 million downloads, Harley hid malware. This Trojan allowed users of infected devices to subscribe to unsolicited paid services.

According to researchers, apps were something that served like a flashlight for minigames And they were visible in the official Google application store in the last two years. During this time, Kaspersky estimates that approximately 5 million users downloaded the platform on their electronic devices.

“Once a user opens the application, the Trojan begins collecting information about their device and their mobile network,” the cybersecurity company said in a press release. “The user’s phone switches to the mobile network and then Trojan asks C&C server to configure subscription list For which you have to sign up.”

From there, malware can open the subscription address in a window hidden from the user and provide a phone number, even entering the confirmation code, In this way, scammers without a doubt manage to enroll their victims in paid services.

The malware was in some antivirus apps available in the Play Store.

Tatyana Shishkova, a security expert at Kaspersky, stressed that “although official stores are carefully monitored, moderators may not always detect these applications before they are published.” When applications keep their promise, computer viruses are easy to hide. Therefore, it is important Install a reliable antivirus To find out if something is wrong.

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