History’s first computer virus creeper turns 50

Computer virus is a problem that persists even today; you already know that ‘The law has made a snare’, And it was only a matter of time before computer knowledge was being exploited by people with bad intentions who tried to harass other people’s computers. The curious thing comes when the reality It is that the first computer virus was not malicious at all.

In mid-1971, the first computer virus ‘creeper’ appeared, although the concept was not invented at that time. Creeper was born Bob Thomas Morris to a . as happened Self-replicating experimental programs, that is, the idea was to see if it was possible to create a program that could be “transferred” between computers.

Creeper virus modus operandi

devil’ Creeper known to few users who handles the computer who were part of ARPANET (what we now know as the Internet) Through scary and threatening message “I’ll take the creeper, catch me if you can!” (I take it, catch me if you can!).

The creeper jumped on the users' computers with an alert message.
Creeper attacked users’ computers with a warning message.

This message, apart from becoming a meme today, had no hidden or ill-intentioned intentions: Did not encrypt files, did not demand ransom, did not destroy data, did not steal numbers Social Security or anything like that.

To avoid malicious files, it is recommended to install an antivirus.

After ‘infecting the computer’ and displaying its message, Started printing a file and before finishing print, It jumped to the next computer on the network, disappearing from the first. The program rarely repeated itself, but only ‘jumped’ from one computer to another, removing itself from the previous computer, so it was never installed on a single computer.

From Creeper to Reaper: The First Antivirus in History

Although its mechanism may seem very simple, it was the first time that software capable of automatically transmitting information from one computer to another was created. This led to the creation of its nemesis: if the virus was called a creeper, Its antidote and, therefore, the first antivirus in history should be called cutteri.e. ‘mower’.

A funny message that sparked cybercrime with powerful malware

Between March and June 2020, spyware and stalkerware grew 51% compared to the first two months of the year

The truth is that this history of viruses and antiviruses serves to highlight the fact that we live every day: It is not easy in the world of computing to know what small event can become a global phenomenon., Something that started out as a harmless experiment will eventually become the basis for the worst computer viruses that lead to serious crimes and cause serious security problems for everyone. Although Bob didn’t know this, his innocent message would change the computing world forever, because fifty years later, We continue to struggle with self-replicating viruses and worms, and who knows for how long.

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