Hive Social, candidate to be the new Twitter, shuts down due to security issues

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter and the decisions he began testing led many users to consider leaving the social network and looking for another to replace it. was one of the most likely Hive Social, whose interface was much like Instagram but with features reminiscent of Twitter, However, the app is no longer among the possible options for those dissatisfied with the Musk app.

After the news of Twitter acquisition, Hive Social Active Users Grow To Over Two Million, The growth of the platform in a short time affected the security of the new social network, which is why it had to shut down its services while the developers resolved them.

Hive Social’s security problems began a few weeks ago and were discovered thanks to German cyber security company Zerforschung. According to experts, Hive Social assured that they will resolve the bug in a few days, but after that period, they did not resolve it. And decided to publicly warn the society.

hive social security issues

Twitter’s alternative has many flaws in cyber security. Most notable is one that allows an attacker to access all of a user’s data, From private posts and chats to deleted direct messages and shared media, Another glitch makes it possible for anyone to edit posts.

Thanks to the vulnerabilities being made public, developers immediately acted more And they shut down their servers temporarily. This decision means that more than two million active users have been left without the possibility of accessing the platform and, in turn, receive a notice that the app is under maintenance.

Elon Musk, in Berlin, in December 2020.

It is unknown how the developers of Hive Social are trying to solve the cyber security problems or if there are attackers who have exploited the vulnerabilities. Despite the lack of transparency, the company has admitted that they have not been able to resolve failures as quickly as they had hoped and They have promised that they will be back online when they do.

It should be remembered that Hive Social was created in 2019 by a programmer who learned in a self-taught way. The company consisted of three people, although, according to Pop, the sudden influx of so many users meant they had to find a fourth employee.

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