Hold tight before you see what Maribel Guardia looked like in her youth

Maribel Guardia has become one of Mexico’s most prominent actresses. Right from her youth, she was always a woman who did not go unnoticed as she had an unmatched beauty, physique and charisma. However, at the age of 63, Haye lives as flawlessly as if time has stopped.

Let us recall that Guardia took part in a beauty contest in her native Costa Rica, which opened the way to a fruitful career as an actress. If you look through social networks, you can find images where she was seen only at the age of 19. It says that whatever it is, it is thanks to great genetics.

Maribel Guardia. Fuentes: Twitter @ShowmundialShow

maribel guardia When she was 19 years old, she was crowned Miss Costa Rica. In 1978, she represented her country at the Miss Universe beauty pageant and there she began her career in theatre, film and TV. Thanks is that event, it opened doors to our country and it was there where I worked in theaters in the early 80s.

For his work in films, miss costa rica He shared credits with Andrés García and Sergio Goyri in “Pedro Navajas”. He also appeared in such tapes as “Terror and Black Lace”; “The Lady from the Cabaret” and “El Cuatrero”. File films are a genre that flourished from the mid-1970s to the early 1980s.

To both his fans and his teammates, maribel guardia This is an example to follow. interpreter has close to 8 million followers instagram, the platform in which he shares impressive photos and his dedication to exercise. Talking about how she maintains her beauty, the actress shared on one occasion that she is on a low-calorie and low-sugar diet apart from her exercise routine.

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