Hold Your Breath Before You See How Beautiful Marco Antonio Solis’ First Wife, Beatriz Adriana Looks

Marco Antonio Solis, the Mexican singer-songwriter, is undoubtedly a celebrated artist with a long career. The singer, who with his cousin Joel Solís was the founder of the musical group “Los Bucis”, is married to Cristy Solís, so it is very common to see them together on social networks. However, before this Christie Al Buki was married beatrice adriana with whom he had a daughter named beatriz solis,

Beatriz Adriana, is a Mexican singer and actress who started her career at the age of just 13 after getting her first contract to produce records. Thus, two years later, the ex-wife of Marco Antonio Solis And also the mother of the singer and the daughter of both beatriz solisMade her big screen debut in the film “La Kamadrita” along with “La India Maria”.

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