Home saving tricks: This smart plug measures how much your connected devices cost

Smart plugs are devices that allow you to control any device connected to them, meaning they can be turned on or off at any time, even if you are away from home.

There are thousands of models in the market, but Hama (a German company) introduces its new smart plug measure energy consumption associated products.

Enables WLAN Mini 3680W turn on and off remotelyAble to measure power consumption through the application, and determine whether devices have finished their operating cycle.

The device can be controlled with Application Connect with Hama, moreover, in the forum a timer function To activate and deactivate devices at certain times and during certain hours.

One of the great features is that if the plug is unplugged, it unplugs automatically Avoid Phantom Consumption, On the other hand, with respect to energy measurement, it connects to WiFi with the intention of collecting the consumption of the connected products to send the data Application,

To save a few euros on your electricity bill, You can buy WLAN Mini 3680W for 18.99 Euro on the following link,

WLAN Mini 3680W
WLAN Mini 3680W

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