‘House of the Dragon’: Alternative Versions of Luceris Valerian’s Death According to George R.R. Martin’s Book

The season finale of ‘House of the Dragon’ left us more restless than ever. The chase between Amond and Lucery kept us on the edge of our seats, though you should know that George R.R. gave Luke a slightly different death.

They say that after a storm there is always calm, but for Lucerise Valerion (Elliot Grihault) It did not happen And those who have already watched the season finale of House of the Dragon will know what I mean. If you haven’t, we have to tell you that it’s time for you to stop reading because we’re all about Deteriorate One of the most memorable scenes that series creators and showrunners Ryan Kondal and Miguel Sapochnik gave us.

King Viserys (Paddy Considine) is dead, Aegon II (Tom Glynn-Carney) is crowned, and as expected, Rainera (Emma D’Arcy) is furious. The grabbing of the Iron Throne has been one of the filthiest betrayals against him and certainly he could not sit idly by. As Alicent (Olivia Cooke) and her nefarious father Ser Otto (Rice Ifans) strategize an attack from the Red Keep of King’s Landing, Damon (Matt Smith) prepares to attack from air and sea.

The division between green and black was about to be defined. In order to secure their allies, the kings of Dragonstone abandon the Ravens. And Luceris and Jacarius agreed to send Valerian (Harry Colette) to chat with the Baratheons and the Starks, who will be instrumental for the second season. Luke rode his young dragon Arax to the end of the Storm, but was flummoxed to see Vagar resting in the chambers, as this only indicated that Sag had moved on.

Indeed, Amond (Evan Mitchell) was there and the differences they had years ago are soon revived, as after their confrontation he loses his eye, which has been replaced by a blue sapphire. During his stay he negotiated marriage with one of the daughters of the illiterate Boros Baratheon, and because Driftmark’s successor limited himself to conveying his mother’s message. and refused to marry one of Barthen’s daughters in honor of his fiancée Rahana (Eva Ossi-Gerning,The young man had to follow his mother’s signal, while trying to restrain himself, retreated with a no to answer.


Aamond always wears a leather eyepatch.

The One-Eyed Amond tries to charge him with a knife in hand, telling him of the many dangers and what started as a small confrontation turns into a terrifying and epic battle with the dragons. We were all on edge upon discovering the sheer size of Vhagar in front of Arrax. The two starred in an epic chase during a storm that seemed to have no end, But when everything started to calm down, BOOM! Vagar rode in a heartbeat and broke his dragon to pieces. After George R.R. Martin’s novel Fire and Blood, from which the series is based, you should know that there are three versions of his death.

the first says that Arax’s head and Lucerise’s body washed to ashes at Storm’s End three days after the confrontation, the young Valyrian had no eyes as Amond had cast them out. and gave them as an offering to a daughter of Berethon. Some people say that Vaghar tore the young man with his python and ate it in a single bite. And a wild theory claims that the prince survived the fall and fled, but lost all memory of his past and lived as a fisherman. What yes, is that they never found his body.


Lucerise was 13 when he died.

Which ending reassured you the most? His death actually caused the fury of Rainera, who had recently lost her baby during childbirth. This final act, and with which the cast of the first season of House of the Dragons said goodbye, made two things clear to us: even speaking of the High Valyrians, the Targaryens have complete control over the dragons, thus both animals show their acting instincts. from, and second, The dance of dragons has begun.

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