‘House of the Dragon’: Helena’s Psychotic Disorder That George RR Martin Doesn’t Explain in Book

Helena’s strange behavior in ‘House of the Dragon’ has caught the attention of fans and may all be due to a psychological disorder.

Helena Targaryen (Phia Saban) is probably one of the most unknown characters in House of the Dragon, however. We can speculate that it will have more relevance now than her brother and husband, Aegon II (Tom Glynn-Carney), is crowned king of the Iron Throne.

Alicent’s Daughter (Olivia Cooke) He has drawn the attention of fans with his strange behavior, especially for the absurd things. Curiously, what he said has come true, so many followers are attentive to his prophecies, because his words may be the answer to what lies ahead for the Seven Kingdoms.

But in addition, in one scene the queen now holds a centipede whispering “the last ring has no legs”. This behavior caught the attention of onlookers, but not only because of its predation, but also because of its excessive concentration on the insect, as well as its little contact, So for many people it is a sign that they have autism.

Helena is bullied by Aegon because on several occasions he makes fun of her limitless ability to speak, as she is silent most of the time, except for her sensitivity to see things, hence the nickname “Dreamer of Dragons”. , In view of this, some fans These characteristics have been related to autism and, if true, they have appreciated the judgment as characters with these disorders are rarely presented.Perhaps the most famous is Forrest Gump.


Helena has almost no communication with her mother, Alicent.

For user @LemonyBlues, this intense focus is one of the most common characteristics in girls with autism, because even in the scene we see how she ignores Alicent to focus on the insect, in addition to the fact that her Have some social skills. Other users who have been diagnosed with this disorder identified themselves in it. Even then, George RR Martin This is not confirmed in his book Fire and Blood., what do you think

We are only a few days away from seeing the dance of the dragons and this Sunday we will know What action will Rainera take?Emma D’Arcy) against the Saag and what would be the relevance of Halena in this war. with this, dragon house Will close its first season.

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