‘House of the Dragon’: Why was Rainera’s baby born deformed?

King Viserys is dead, Aegon II has been crowned, and now everyone on Dragonstone knows it. As expected, Rainera was furious with the news and it forced her to go into preterm labor, but was this the real reason for her baby’s deformity?

It finally happened! After the triumphant entry of Rennes (Eve Best) in the Great Sept of Baylor, The “Queen who was never there” climbs up on Melis and arrives at Dragonstone to report to Rainera (Emma D’ArcyAbout the usurpation of the Iron Throne. The coronation of Aegon II (Tom Glynn-Carney) was an attack against his kingdom and although Raines was able to stop him with a dracony, the war had already begun as the seven kingdoms were divided between black and green. was.

In episode nine, King Viceris I (Paddy Considine) prophesied on Aegon’s deathbed. However, Alicent (Olivia Cooke) takes advantage of the confusion with his wife and sister Helena (Fia Saban) to declare their eldest son the heir to the throne. whereas Aegon II wearing a black crownThe legitimate heir to the throne was in Rokdragon in a complicated process of childbirth.

Although Saag tried to keep the news a secret, Raines takes it upon himself to reveal to his former daughter-in-law the nasty betrayal that took place at King’s Landing., As expected, the coronation of her half-brother enraged Rainera, and she began to have strong contractions. Everything indicates one thing: the baby was about to be born.

Almost as with her mother Amma (Sean Brooke), the birth was complicated and after much blood loss and painful screams, the young queen held onto the baby’s head until she finally managed to pull him out. It didn’t happen, but no one heard a cry, The body of the newborn was lying on the ground covered in blood. Daemon’s new successor (Matt Smith) was born dead. The women accompanying Rainyara wept bitterly and looked frightened at the sight of the little creature who had assumed a terrible form due to deformities.


Delivery lasted 3 days as per the book.

For many, it was the result of all the emotions she felt that caused her to be born prematurely, but did it have anything to do with the baby’s malformations? Previously, Rainera was accused of being a bastard child, but unlike Luceryz (Elliot Grihault), Jacaris (Harry Collette) and Joffrey Valerian, Her new son would retain the Targaryen blood due to the genes of his father Damon, with whom he already had two sons: Aegon III and Viceris.

But the series does not say that the new member was a girl: Visanya. According to the book Fire and Blood by George RR Martin on which House of the Dragon was based, The leader of the blacks was so angry that he prayed God To curse all the traitors, including the child, to whom he shouted “Monster, monster, come out now!”. According to the book’s description, the little girl was born “dead, deformed, and deformed, with a hollow in her chest where the heart should be, and a short, thick, scaly tail”; Almost like a dragon.


Sirax is the dragon of Rainera.

If you pay attention to the scene you will see that the distribution alternates with images of Vermax, which is also roaring. From this we can conclude that the cause of his daughter’s death was Renyara and he had cursed her, so she was born deformed. Still, he vows revenge: “She was my only daughter and they killed her. They have stolen my crown and they murdered my daughter and they have to pay for it.” Unfortunately we’ll have to wait a bit longer to know what will happen to Dance of the Dragons. What did you think of the season finale?

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