How can we save by adding a house in the winter?

With the arrival of rain and the lowering of temperature, it means to start using umbrellas and scarves. In the same way as we prepare the wardrobe for autumn and winter, we can also build our own house With latest technology.

Heating, hot water and more hours of light hike up our bills, but With some tools you can save. And not only that, we can also make the home more secure and automated.

Energy Saving

Delta Door, a company specializing in connected homes, ensures that smart heating products can “optimize home temperature according to lifestyle and consumption habits.” The brand sells something specifically capable of controlling the temperature so that the user Find your home at the ideal temperature when you get home.

One app to control everything

Many smart lights or heating devices such as the Delta Door can be discussed directly from the apps. Users through these apps They can turn the light or heating on or off without even getting up from the couch.

They can also use apps to check if they’ve turned off the lights or heating in their home, and do so from afar if they see them.

Smart appliances could go beyond heating and lighting, as Delta Door also mentioned the possibility of using the technology pick up the awning when it starts to rain, roll up windows when it is day and shut the doors of the house from the comfort of bed.

Taking phantom consumption into account and trying to reduce it could save us tens of euros per year.

a safe home

Converting your home into a smart home can make you feel more secure in it. it is achieved with Installation of security cameras or control of lighting (such as the Easy Range from Delta Door), with which you can turn on the lights to simulate that someone is at home.

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