How ChatGPT Works: A Practical Guide to Understanding the Tool That’s Revolutionizing Artificial Intelligence

chatgpt Elon Musk’s specialized artificial intelligence company, OpenAI, is leading established search engines like Google. In fact, the firm’s chat system has its own extension for browsers and you can use it to get instant answers to your questions without needing to visit different websites to answer them.

The famous AI can have many uses. In addition to being able to chat with ChatGPT in English or Spanish from the official page, there are people who have created specific search engines so that this technology can teach users more specific things. For example, Twitter user @didacoroi has created the website, which provides Internet users with Briefly the rules (between 400 and 500) of any card, board, and sports game.

The technology behind this AI is so impressive that students in the United States have started using it to do some academic work. Although it is not recommended to use ChatGPT for these purposes, it is undoubtedly Internet can make searches more enjoyableThanks to the training behind it, with over 175 million parameters.

This AI gives correct answers based on the given information. Its algorithms are able to understand what users ask with high accuracy, Whether adjectives or evaluations. Afterwards, you can give a few answers coherently, to maintain the conversation, or to provide accurate data for what has been requested.

How to use ChatGPT?

  • Click on this link, which will take you to the official ChatGPT website.
  • Select the ‘Sing In’ option to register or login If you have already created an account.
  • Doing so will take you to a place where you can talk to the AI. You can ask your questions, ask for advice or even chat, You can also access their Discord server, although it’s usually full.

Available in Spain.

Download AI extension to your browser

Users can use the ChatGPT extension so they don’t have to access their website every time they want this technology to greet them with a response. Extensions work for the Google Chrome browser, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. In this way, netizens can get feedback from AI on the left side of the Google interfaceRight next to the websites recommended by search engines.

ChatGPT has an extension for internet users to get instant answers to their questions.
ChatGPT has an extension for internet users to get instant answers to their questions.
Screenshot / Montage: 20BITS

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