How does Jennifer Lopez use green tea to lose weight at 50?

Jennifer Lopez shares one of her secrets to impressive body and it is that we recently found out that the celebrity usually drinks green tea to lose weight fast at 50, so we suggest you to try this natural ingredient Present the best way to use in your favor. You will be surprised by the result!

Just when we thought it was possible to have a flat stomach with a complete sports routine, diva of the bronx It reminds us that it is possible to have an impressive body with little practices that improve our lifestyle, so dare to use that idea. Don’t forget to always consult a nutritionist to guide you through the whole process.

Jennifer Lopez and the tea she drinks to lose weight

As confirmed by the celeb’s coach, she usually drinks a cup of green tea before bedtime as this drink is perfect for speeding up her metabolism. So this element is part of their daily diet, which is a very easy habit to recreate at home with products you already have in your kitchen.

Jennifer Lopez and the tea she drinks to lose weight fast. Photo: Archive

What are the benefits of drinking a cup of green tea a day?

This hot drink is perfect for preventing cancer, its bioactive compounds promoting weight loss, fighting aging thanks to its antioxidant properties, preventing heart disease, improving mental health and protecting against colds. Huh.

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