How is Blue Check different from the new Gold Check of Twitter Blue payment service?

Verification systems with different colors have started appearing on Twitter. Thanks for this, Elon Musk hopes stop phishing This was a problem for one brand when it launched the opportunity to earn blue ticks with Twitter Blue.

The problems he faced in November forced the company to suspend premium membership. This suspension of launch was going to last until they manage to find a method to avoid impersonation or parody accounts of personalities.

Late last month, Twitter’s new owner warned that changes he would likely implement would include different colors for verification. Finally, he announced that there would be three types of checks: blue ones, for individuals; Golden ones, for companies; and the gray ones, for government institutions.

Although gray tick has not yet begun to apply to organisms, Spanish users may already occasionally see Golden Check. In fact, the 20minutos Twitter account (@20m) has the kind of verification that sets itself apart from other personal accounts.

The 20 Minutes official account on Twitter has a golden check.
The 20 Minutes official account on Twitter has a golden check.

Twitter has registered with the US Financial Crimes Control Network.

Alternatives sought for companies twitter blue for business and is in the testing phase. Esther Crawford, director of product management, warned that the gold beta badge would appear to companies “that previously had relationships with Twitter.”

In Spain, the paid version of the platform is not yet accessible, So here users with Gold Tick and traditional Blue Tick are not paying for it. for now, twitter blue It is only enabled for those who live in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

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