How Lucerise Valerian Died in the Books That Inspired “House of the Dragon”

Chapter 10 of “House of the Dragon” (“The House of the Dragon”) marked by The finale of the first season of the series. Thus, directed by Greg Yattens and produced by Ryan J. Episode written by Kondal left us some shocking incidents And, above all, death to mourn.

it was death Lucerise Valerionsecond son of Rainera Targaryen and her first husband, Lenore Valerian, It is noteworthy that the death of the character also occurs in the texts. George RR Martin. However, there are some differences with respect to what was presented in the prequels. “Game of Thrones” (“Game of Thrones”).

then find out how he dies Lucerise Valerion in the books that inspired HBO Max Series “Dragon’s House”,

Rainera Targaryen and her son Lucerise Valerian in “House of the Dragon” (Photo: HBO)

How did Lucerise Valeron die in the “House of the Dragon” series?

in the chapter titled “Black Queen”we have seen the persecution of amond targaryen as a rider Vhagarbiggest dragon of all WesterosAdverse Lucerise You Jigsaw.

Unfortunately, the son of Renera could not control his dragon and he attacked Vhagar to defend. in retaliation, and despite the refusal amondo, Vhagar Decided to kill his opponents immediately. hence, Lucerise He said goodbye to the series.

Death of Lucerise Valerian "dragon house" (Photo: HBO)
The death of Lucerise Valerian in “House of the Dragon” (Photo: HBO)

How does Luceri Valerion die in the books?

according to the book “fire and blood”as imagined HBO, Lucerise had come for the end of the storm To celebrate Lord Boros Baratheon to join your mother’s cause Rainera Targaryen, Thus, he found himself in these lands with his uncle amondoWhose eye he had taken out in one of his childhood quarrels.

amondo tried to provoke him. Even then, Lucerise He ignored their insults, delivered the message, and went away with his dragon. Then, amondo decided to ride Vhagar and chase valerion,

yes ok jigsaw He was quicker and shorter than his rival, the weather preventing him from running. In addition, it should be considered that Vhagar He had survived many battles in the past.

Unlike the series, it is not entirely clear in the book how this death occurred. according to the story of archimestre geldenIf there was a fight, the battle between the two riders and their dragons could not last long.

Truth is this jigsaw He fell into the waters of the bay and his remains were found three days later. body of LuceriseFor his part, he was never found.

The death of Luceris Valerian in the book "fire and blood" (Illustration: Chase Stone)
The death of Lucerise Valerian in the book “Fire and Blood” (Illustration: Chase Stone)

Consequences of the Death of Lucerise Valerian

This incident started a war of words between the two sides. Greens and Blacks, according to testimony “Offensive” of mushroom in the text of George RR Martin, amondo the body will be located Lucerise And took out both his eyes. However, this will only be a fictional story, which is not supported by Grand Master Munkun,

when the news of the death of Lucerise Valerion had come for rokadragonIt is said that his mother had fallen and his brother joffrey vowed to take revenge amondo You Lord Boros. eventually, Demon Targaryen send letter from harrenhall With two messages: “Eye for an eye, a son for a son” You “Lucery will be avenged”,

The death of Lucreiz Valerian marks the beginning of the Dance of the Dragons (Photo: HBO)
The death of Lucreiz Valerian marks the beginning of the Dance of the Dragons (Photo: HBO)

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