How Make-a-Video works, Meta’s new AI system for turning text into video that everyone’s talking about

Make-a-Video creates different images and las placed one by one as a GIF Thanks to the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning from meta.

this tool mix still photos And it speeds them up when it comes to text search, moreover, it works thanks to the implementation of two technologies.

First, AI uses image transmission, i.e. a technology that creates visual aesthetics by denoting stimuli selected by the developers. With this method, the tool recognizes how realistic images work.

Thereafter, an unsupervised training Check out the manufacturing process Moreover, it generates a sequence of frames without the aid of human intervention.

Another feature of Make-a-Video is Create an existing image or video To make different variations.

The tool generates 16 frames at a resolution of 64 x 64 pixels, and another artificial intelligence upscales it to a resolution of 768 x 768 pixels. A training is done for the combined work of both the technologies Resell content in an appropriate resolution,

make video
make video

It offers over five million images.

TechCrunch states that the results are incredible, however, that something is strange about the generated videos, namely, that sometimes objects move strangely and bodies merge with others.

Currently this service not public And the official release date is unknown.

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