How Mariah Carey Reclaimed the Throne of “The Christmas Queen”

In December the song “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is again played extensively around the world (Jovani Perez/Infobay)

Many elements are often associated with the Christmas season, such as decorated fir trees, hot drinks or santa claus, However, there is someone who cannot be absent year after year Maria: Do it. who has been crowned christmas queen because of his song All I want for Christmas is you.

Although the famous lady has a wide musical repertoire without you, imaginary hey when you believe, Users on social networks often joke because the artist is absent for a whole year and only reappears during the holidays For His 1994 Hit Status.

This is not the only controversy that revolves around Maria. Most recently, it was involved in two major legal conflicts: one over the patent for the surname. christmas queen and another for clearly infringing the copyright of the song.

In June 2022, Mariah Carey was in the public eye after media such as the BBC or Washington Post announced that a lawsuit was underway for the artist “Copyright infringement and Unjust Enrichment” from the song.

According to a British tabloid, musician Andy Stone claimed that he co-wrote a melody with the same name. all I Want For Christmas Is You, and although musical differences between the two songs were noted, the plaintiff took note of the fact Maria didn’t ask permission.

Although the outlook looked bleak for the artist in November People —after obtaining some documents—reported that Stone would have dismissed the complaint against Carey for US$20 million.

In addition to this complicated situation for the pop star, it came to light a few days ago that Mariah tried to register the alias Christmas Queen, QOC (short for Christmas Queen) and christmas princess East United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The artist attempted to enter a nickname (Instagram/mariahcarey)
The artist attempted to enter a nickname (Instagram/mariahcarey)

This must have been done with the intention that it would remain as a registered trademark and hence, the said name cannot be used in merchandise or music products. However, American dependence request denied Many singers of the industry had raised their voice about this.

it was the same with Elizabeth Chan, whatever is listed The Christmas Queen, and Filed a protest with the authorities.

in interview for Diversity, The singer accused Mariah of wanting to cash in on the holiday on exponential levels.

“I firmly believe that no one should hold onto anything around Christmas Monopolize it the way Maria has always intended to do. that is not correct. Christmas is for everyone. It’s designed to be shared, not owned,” he said.

Mariah has been slammed for her patent effort (Instagram/mariahcarey)
Mariah has been slammed for her patent effort (Instagram/mariahcarey)

like that, darlin love Known for hit songs like Christmas during christmas o winter wonderland- was dissatisfied with Maria, as she too had been crowned at one point reena Of this season

Although Maria did not obtain a patent for the name, she received another gift, as Love’s representatives acknowledged on the entertainment site tmz that his cast would not legally fight over the surname.

Darlene doesn’t believe that a person should be able to legally obtain a title by registering it. Instead, the music legend feels The phrase should be free for everyone to use… Len Evans for the news portal said, noting that there are many people who call themselves Queen and the genre of Christmas music has had great success.

Mariah Carey is considered "christmas queen" (Photo: Instagram/@mariahcarey)
Mariah Carey is considered the “Queen of Christmas” (Photo: Instagram/@mariahcarey)

On November 24—the occasion of Thanksgiving in America—Maria was one of those chosen to officially start holiday season 2022 With a great presentation in New York.

Although all the controversy was on the performer throughout the year, it was no deterrent for Carey to appear in one of the most representative venues in the United States in a fitted pink dress, princess-style crown, umbrella and a large number of dancers. Was. ,

With a big smile, Maria sang the famous verses: ” I don’t want much for Christmas, there’s just one thing I need. I don’t care about the presents under the Christmas tree. i want you only for me (I don’t ask for much for Christmas, I just want something, I don’t care about the presents under the Christmas tree, I just want you for myself)”.

Mariah Carey sings Christmas in The Magic Continues, a special on the Apple TV platform.  Europa Press / Apple TV+
Mariah Carey sings Christmas in The Magic Continues, a special on the Apple TV platform. Europa Press / Apple TV+

In the same way, she did not hesitate to praise the New York public for the warm welcome she received and she was pleased Support from his fans and his family.

“Happy Thanksgiving! I am so grateful and proud of my beautiful babies, Rock and Roe, and also grateful for my ‘flare’ and all the precious moments that life gives us. OhNow Christmas is here!”she insisted.

In addition to this moment, Maria herself at the end of November posted a video on her Twitter account instagram Referring to the classic joke where it is usually made sure they “defrost” it every year and insinuating that its appearance ended the Halloween season to make way for Christmas.

“It’s over on October 31st”, is heard saying to Carey, who appeared dressed as a witch pedaling an exercise bike.

But in a narrative twist, the singer suddenly appeared in a Christmas outfit surrounded by trees and presents to say:It’s time!”, while his inimitable song was playing in the background.

Netizens were quick to react to the famous joke and many of them were amused by the situation.

“All I want is you… I can’t believe it’s been almost two months and it’s already working out.” how are your numbers?possibly enter the popularity charts from next week From all over the world, save my comment,” he wrote.

By November 25, 2022, all I Want For Christmas Is You Is one thousand 211 million 943 thousand 135 replicas in Spotify; meanwhile youtube passed 734 million views.

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