How much is your personal information worth on the dark web? (spoiler, dni is sold for 50 cents)

Collects thousands and thousands of data from names, surnames, email addresses, phone numbers, images and videos shared by Internet users. In the field of cyber security, the exchange of personal information can be used to carry out attacks on doxing,

This means that cybercriminals collect a person’s data to enter it. for sale in dark web without your consent, In addition, scammers aim to endanger the victim, leak public domains, and hack into bank accounts or social networks.

Information is shared quickly on the Internet and Fingerprints are nearly impossible to removeowing to the fact that dark web Can be used to carry out extortion, scams, schemes Phishing And stealing money straight away.

Vladislav Tushkanov (Kaspersky privacy expert) indicates on the company’s blog that “the Internet has given us the opportunity to express our individuality and share our stories, however, it is important to understand that being online and expressing ourselves is of utmost importance.” not part of it.” ,

“It’s about understanding and being prepared for the potential consequences and risks. The best course of action when it comes to our data is: find out what they know, remove what you can , and control our information available online.” expert.

The scams pertain to various banks operating in Spain.

According to Kaspersky, Your personal data is sold on the dark web at these prices,

  • subscription services: from 50 cents to eight euros, approx.
  • identity: from 50 cents to ten euros, approx.
  • medical history: from one euro to 30 euros, approx.
  • Credit Card Information: from six to ten euros, approx.
  • scanned driving license: from five to 25 euros, approx.
  • scanned passport: from six to 15 euros, approx.
  • selfie with documents: from 40 to 60 euros, approx.

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