How the new system for verifying accounts that Twitter launched this Friday works

Another one of the propositions Elon Musk wants to add to Twitter that’s giving a lot to talk about is the possibility that users can buy verification of your account, Until now, Internet users had to be relevant personalities or companies and have many followers, but businessmen wanted to pay to get the famous Blue Badge.

A paid-to-verify option was available to Twitter Blue for $8, but they quickly switched to it. to support for various problems. For example, a troll posed as a pharmaceutical owner of an insulin patent. And caused to reduce the actions of the drug.

Initially, the idea was to re-enable verification via Twitter Blue on November 29. But Musk warned that it would take longer. The reason for the delay was that they wanted to make sure they could prevent spoofing.

Hacker will focus on improving the platform's search engine.

Musk hoped they could use a check with different colors And finally confirmed it. In total, there will be three types of badges of different colours:

  • Azul: For individuals, whether famous or not.
  • Dorado: for businesses.
  • Gris: For government institutions.

This arrangement will apply Next Friday, December 2nd. At least that’s the date Musk mentioned and hopefully won’t change at the last minute. With this innovation, users who already have verified accounts will have to choose between paying or losing their badges in a short amount of time. something that some people have already complained about, such as famed author Stephen King.

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