How the passkey works, the Google system logs in without entering a password

Cyber ​​security experts never stop advising users to use different passwords to access their accounts and these are difficult to guess. Remembering them all can be difficult for many, but Google has found a solution: who do not need to login.

Instead of entering a fixed password, the company proposes to use the private key or passkey which uses a facial and fingerprint recognition system. This secure option is available on Chrome and Android starting October 14th For users enrolled in the beta version of Google Play Services and using Chrome Canary.

According to Google, this change to access keys is “significantly more secure than passwords and other authentication factors”:”They can’t be reused, aren’t filtered on server breaches, and protect users from phishing attacks,

The service will have similar functions to password saving that Google accounts have allowed for years. Now, users can confirm it’s theirs using your mobile phonewithout entering your credentials.

Streaming of the developer event will continue.

Creating your passcode only takes two steps: Confirm your account information and enter your password. fingerprint, face or screen lock When prompted when logging in.

In the next few months, the tool will be officially available and not just for beta users. So, Google joins Apple Which has implemented similar technology in iOS 16 as well.

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