how to activate halloween mode in whatsapp

Halloween is celebrated next week and many users have already renamed their Twitter accounts or other social networks for ‘spooky season’. With WhatsApp it shouldn’t be less and, with 20BITS, we explain How can you customize this app? To make it the darkest on your device.

The first step might be to change your username and profile picture to something else with October 31 in mind. You can also change the wallpaper related to the theme of Halloween which you like. For this you only need to access ‘Adjustment’ whatsapp and go ‘chat’ You ‘Wallpaper’.

The profile photo can be something creative and even more original if you decide to portray yourself and share the image. However, you can use Google to find a pre-designed picture.

In addition, there are scary stickers that users can use in conversations with their contacts. If you can’t find any, you can always design them via La App

Avatars come on WhatsApp too: How to make emoji with your face in the app Meta 10/21/2022

But the optimization of the application can go ahead thanks to the application nova launcher, Available in Play Store (It’s not in iOS App Store). The logo of apps like WhatsApp can be tuned from this platform. To do this, all you have to do is search for the social network from the Nova Launcher system and replace the legendary WhatsApp icon with the image we have in the gallery.

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