how to chat with yourself on whatsapp

WhatsApp, apart from being a tool to communicate with other people, is one of a kind Notebook for those who need a place to write down ideas, reminders, and lists Checkout or save links to items they want to review later.

This usage, perhaps less well known by users, is what the company now wants to highlight. Latest changes you’ve introduced in your beta, On the one hand, it will clearly indicate that this is the number of the user chat And, on the other hand, it will add it to the contact list, to make it easier to locate.

but for being able to start a chat with yourselfUsers do not need to wait WhatsApp Implement new features in future updates. There are currently two fairly simple ways to create a chat-notebook:

On the one hand, the easiest way, which is Group chat or with another person, but as a sole participant, After the other members are expelled – or their voluntary departure – the conversation will have a single member and continue to function on the platform. instant messaging,

This trick shares the shortened link with the thumbnail of the video.

for other, There is option to open chat directly with user’s number, This number doesn’t currently appear in the list of contacts—it’s one of the innovations the company is working in—but there is always an option to enter it as another contact in the phone book and from there ‘a Select ‘Send’ send message to +34XXXXXXXXXX’.

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