How to create and share new WhatsApp avatars

Meta recently added avatars to Instagram, something they implemented long ago on Facebook, And now they are planning to do it on WhatsApp as well. This measure will allow users to have personalized stickers without having to resort to third-party apps like Bitmoji.

innovation Testing in beta version of the instant messaging application and it is not yet known when it will be officially launched, but it may not take long to happen. This function can be used both for sharing stickers in conversations and for placing your own avatar as a profile photo.

Those who already enjoy this function will have it available as one of the options displayed by clicking on the three vertical dots of WhatsApp and entering ‘Settings’. Between ‘Account’ and ‘Privacy’, supposedly it should be visible to you An option called ‘Avatar’.

If you are one of those who have the possibility to create your avatar before others, You can customize an avatar and make it look like you By modifying different parts of his face. Among the options, users will be able to change hair style (length, colour, wave type or hair style), eyes (size and colour), beard, glasses, signs of aging etc.

In addition, you can change the avatar’s clothes, accessories and makeup, to fit what you would normally wear, The options are many and very diverse, so each Internet user can apply his most personal touch to the avatar and, sharing it, others will know that it is him.

Such operating systems will also not work on the web version.

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