How to find out which songs you’ve listened to the most on Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Spotify

in music forums streaming They prepare to close out the year 2022 and do so by publishing a list of the most listened to artists of the year and the songs that topped the charts during that time.

Some of those doing so are YouTube and Spotify, who agree that the Puerto Rican is the most listened-to artist of 2022, thanks to the album ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’, which has been one of the favorites of many users Is .

These platforms also have more specific rankings, in that they define how each user’s activity has been individually and What music do you play the most? in their respective personal profiles.

they all make one recapitulation of verbs and the use of your services by your customers during 2022 or any part thereof. However, there is some difference in the amount of information they provide and the format in which they display it.

apple musica

Contains applications developed by the manufacturer of the iPhone a section called ‘replays’ in its web version, which includes the most played songs, artists and albums on the service throughout the year.

Some of the data collected in this section The total number of songs played is or the ones that have been listened to the most (as well as the number of times they’ve been played), up to a total of 10 titles.

In the Artists section, the replay details the total number of groups and musicians that were listened to during that time as well as the top 10 most played artists on said account. Number of music minutes consumed Year round

In addition, this annual summary includes the number of albums played and Highlighted ten of the most listened to, On the other hand, the amount of playlist Those who have been narrated on the stage, as well as the minutes dedicated to them.

eventually, Shows which stations are most listened to And the minute they’re played and at the end, it includes direct access to a list of favorite songs, including up to 100 cuts sorted by users’ preference.

Apple Music also has one reel of highlights that collects all this information And most curious data on user activity on the platform, which can be shared with mobile devices.

It may be included in more platforms.


YouTube Music Recap 2022 also allows users to scroll through their individual statistics, including most listened to statistics in terms of artists, songs, video clips and playlists.

This device is available at application of service streaming For iOS and Android, includes a playlist of songs and features exclusive content from Google Platforms and listening statistics,

YouTube has finally announced it Recap can be integrated with Google PhotosSo that interested people can add their favorite songs with their photos and images.

As stated by YouTube on its help page, Recap 2022 can be shared with other users Through a playlist and, in order to use this tool, the platform requires users to have at least two hours of music playback on YouTube or YouTube Music between March 1 and May 20 of this year.

We haven't had an annual YouTube Rewind for a few years now, but the platform continues to list the most viewed videos.


This music and podcast platform has a tool called Spotify Wrapped which is a activity summary That it has registered in the first 10 months of the year and the last two months (i.e., November and December) of the previous year.

Like Amazon Music, This Spotify Alternative collects the most listened songsArtists who recorded the most clicks (highlighting, primarily, which has been heard most on stage) and their respective albums, most common music genres heard, playlist,

To access all this data, users must Go to the home page and press ‘Wrapped’, so, a kind Fodder Which starts with the five most listened to genres (Indie Rock, Hollywood, American Deep New, Pop, Indie, Broadway…) on the platform.

Wrapped then describes the user’s morning soundtrack in three words, using adjectives such as ‘contemplative’, ‘happy’, ‘introspective’ etc. This story is followed by another detailing the number of minutes listened to, as well as a comparison to the percentage of listeners remaining in Spain.

Spotify has spent years offering its users the possibility to view a summary of what they listened to most every year.

Since then, the most listened songs on this service have been presented streaming And both the number of times it has been listened to and the days it has been played the most. On the other hand, it shows the total number of songs listened as well as how many songs have been listened Most Listened Top 5 Songswhich shows both the album cover and artist name.

The platform invites users to add an explicitly created playlist with all the songs that the user has ‘liked’ or registers a large number of replays.

number of artists This is also reflected in this annual analysis tool, which makes it clear which artist or group is listened to the most, as well as the total time devoted to its reproduction.

Spotify Wrapped ends after summarizing the five most-listened-to artists on the platform Create a User ProfileWith labels like ‘traditional lover’.

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