How to get 189 Euros claiming OCU from Apple for iPhone 6’s obsolescence?

The Consumer Organization (OCU) filed a class action lawsuit to defend users affected by the planned obsolescence in the iPhone 6 range.

OCU believes Apple has updated the software in various models Fix your battery performance problemsAs a result, consumers have their phones refurbished or exchanged the part in question.

The unit indicates that “it is verified, Apple tampered with its iPhone 6 phone, The result was that thousands of people had to replace their phone batteries, and eventually they were left with a product in poor condition, a high-end mobile that would have had a much longer expected life.

After initiating preliminary proceedings, OCU stands before Apple with a collective lawsuit in which it claims a Economic compensation of between 99 and 189 euros for each affected.

If you are one of the affected parties, you can do the following steps,

  • Access the following link.
  • Select the ‘Join’ button (located on the right) and log in with your username.
  • Fill in the indicated fields and send them.

for now, Has more than 8000 registered users claim of such financial compensation. It is important to mention that there is no cost involved in this process as OCU bears the costs of the judicial process.

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