How to invest in the financial market through video games: this is how you can make money thanks to technology

A financial investment is the process of acquiring assets that increase in value over time and provide returns in the form of principal or income payments. Currently, there are various ways to invest, such as shares, bonds, bank deposits, bills of exchange and other financial instruments.

Generally, users invest to obtain long-term economic benefits to improve their quality of life and obtain another source of income, despite the fact that there is an outflow of capital to be distributed to the investment.

There are people who have financial knowledge, however, there is a part of the population that is ignorant of this world and can make mistakes or do not know what they are doing, therefore, Hollymont is in charge. Introducing disruptive elements to facilitate learning in the world of investingThrough inspiring design and tools (keeping in mind different levels and study models).

Said that the digital ecosystem aims at universalizing the basic knowledge to make conscious and responsible investments, moreover, it is targeted at all audiences. But how do you get it?

Jose Luis Alvarez (CEO of Hollymont) explains to 20Bits that “Hollymont applies The most advanced technologies from the world of videogames to better understand the functioning of the financial markets and their products, Gamification is a powerful tool that facilitates learning for people who might not otherwise be interested or inclined to acquire this knowledge.”

Techniques needed to enter the financial market

Holymont uses a digital ecosystem combine Social networks, a website and a future application in which they are working; They also provide those interested Powerful algorithms and simulation With market data in real time that is accompanied by an understandable design and language.

Alvarez indicates that they democratize “the most advanced tools used by professionals in the financial industry” and “translate data and information from financial markets into useful information for decision making”, adding that “The processing of large amounts of data and calculations requires a large technical deployment in the system,

How was the gaming experience implemented in this area?

“The world of financial investment is not a game, but of course we can break down barriers of language and understanding Who has a sophisticated world of financial investments. In addition, there has to be a very careful aesthetic that maintains a balance between the world of games and savings management,” Alvarez says.

The CEO specifies that “in every game you have to is a descriptive universe that surrounds the user while playing, ‘Holymont’ is the holy mountain of abundance that everyone wants to climb. There are a series of characters on the mountain who help on this adventure; ‘Holyguards’ and other not so much, ‘Holywise’ who helps in the most difficult moments and can be reached in his wisdom when he reaches the top. eventually, Our algorithmic power allows us to simulate scenarios with real market data For a more realistic experience.

tech advice

Technology can become man’s best friend learn investment knowledge in the financial markets as well Data Analysis and Processing Allows you to make better decisions on risks.

In this case, Holymont makes them available to the public and many of them are free, however, they do not provide advice or mentorship.

Holymont looks like this.
Holymont looks like this.

Image of a Rammstein concert in Mexico.

In addition to Tips, HollyMont has also developed HollyTools, A tool that creates a portfolio of financial assets to invest in over the long termFurthermore, it offers the possibility to incorporate a wider representation of different asset classes.

Regarding technology, the system behind HollyTools has a powerful technology deployment that Processes large amounts of data and performs calculations in real time For functionalities and utilities that were not available in an understandable way till now.

As Alvarez points out, the tool consists of four steps in which the user can select a few assets to build their first portfolio, identify risk, use optimization algorithms With various practical functionalities depending on the preferences of each user, and even determine different stock market scenarios, interest rates or inflation to check their effect on the portfolio.

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