How to know if someone has deleted WhatsApp chat and with whom?

Deleting a WhatsApp conversation is more complicated than users think. Some users believe that deleting individual or group chats is enough, however, the instant messaging app delivers A record of images and videos.

To check if a user has deleted a chat from your application, you can first What is the need for the consent of the other person to access your phone. As much as you distrust someone or feel very curious about something specific, this is the right thing to do, as you will gain access to their mobile privacy.

Once the user has given his consent, only access to ‘Adjustment’ whatsapp and click ‘Storage and data’. Once there, you have to select ‘manage storage’.

In this section, the Meta application shows all the multimedia files that the user has received or sent on the platform And what exactly is the contact. Of course, it should be kept in mind that, if the person had known about the existence of this section, they could have previously deleted some of the photos or videos.

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