How to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp

Let’s not fool yourself, there is some curiosity in knowing who unfollowed you on Twitter, which people have viewed your Instagram profile or to know if they have blocked you on WhatsApp.

Today, at 20Bits, we want to answer that last question which refers to instant messaging applications.

The platform provides its own answers, so there is no need to download any application from third parties. There are a few tricks you can use to find out who blocked you on WhatsApp:

  • if there are three options you can’t see the profile picture: It could be that you have been blocked, the person has no image or they have implemented privacy measures.
  • You can’t see his last connection time or if he’s online: This is not a 100% reliable trick, as there are options that make this data invisible.
  • messages live with one tick: There are three steps in sending and receiving a message → One tick means the message has been sent, two ticks means it has been received, and two blue ticks means it has been read (although they can be disabled). If several days pass and you see that the double tick does not appear, it would mean that you are blocked.
  • one of the most effective tricks call the person,
  • and finally if you can’t add user to whatsapp groupIt also means that you are blocked.

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