how to make halloween stickers on whatsapp

The long awaited party has arrived for many. Halloween And there are those who live it in style. so much They ‘tune up’ mobiles with wallpapers and even disguise WhatsApp According to this terrible night.

What is Halloween Mode in WhatsApp? This involves plugging your account into an instant messaging app with a small pumpkin icon to match the October 31st celebration. This is a trick that we have already told you about at 20Bits.

halloween mode WhatsApp even get download stickers of this black To share with your contacts.

Where to download Halloween stickers for WhatsApp?

Google Play Store, Android Application Store has an app called Stickers for WA – Halloween that you can enjoy 10 Free Sticker Packs for WhatsApp,

And what kind of stickers can we get in this pack? From pumpkins to katrina of skeletons, passing cats, there are masks like death or macabre plague.

Lots of different options so everyone can find their barb Favorites to Celebrate Halloween in Application The worldwide instant messaging leader.

All you have to do is download them from your mobile and then import them into the app messenger service To add them to your conversation.

how to download and use stickers on whatsapp

  1. Open an individual or group chat.
  2. To add a sticker pack, tap the emoji icon, then the sticker icon, then the add icon.
  3. Next to the sticker pack you want to download, tap the download icon. If prompted, tap Download.
  4. When the download is complete, a green tick will appear.
  5. Tap on the Back icon.
  6. Find and tap the sticker you want to send.

You can check this link on the official WhatsApp website for more information on how to use the stickers, as well as this video:

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