how to make invisible friends on whatsapp

WhatsApp doesn’t offer any function to do invisible friend giveawayHowever, there is a third-party application that sends invites to the said instant messaging platform.

Secret Santa 22 is the most recommended option for creating and configuring raffles. especially, Those interested must download first application secret santa 22And later, a group will be created to add participants and the maximum price of the gift will also be offered with a time limit.

The app has a free version and a paid version for adding exceptions when choosing who can give it to whom. On the other hand, when everything is prepared and ready, it will be necessary Click on ‘Share’ and choose the option to send the invitation via WhatsApp,

This invite will contain a code and a link users to download application And join the group, so everyone has to click on ‘Who Touched Me’ to know the name.

invisible friend is 22 Available on Android and iOS,

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