How to use WhatsApp on two devices at the same time: This is the app’s new companion mode

WhatsApp launched ‘Companion Mode’ function to link two mobiles in its beta version, in this way The same account can be used on two devices at the same time,

WABetaInfo indicates that the first tests are already available on android Thanks for updating But how is this function used?

Linking two phones and activating this function is similar to the WhatsApp Web process, however, in additional electronic products, the interested party must Click on ‘Pair Device’ Within the Options menu.

Once this step is completed, screen a. will display QR code to scan From the main mobile device to link the WhatsApp account, and automatically, you will be logged in on both the phones.

It is not necessary to work with a connected mobile, as ‘Partner Mode’ allows you to use both phones independently and even. Chats can be synchronized, On the other hand, the app allows you to link an account on up to four devices at the same time, and end-to-end encryption is maintained as well.

WhatsApp displays chats with itself

WABetaInfo also reports another innovation, in particular, Deployment of Chat with Self,

Conversations the user maintains Application with their own number they are identified, similarly, in order to enjoy the function, users must Find your number in the contact list and start a conversion with yourself (identified as ‘you’).

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