How to watch the Orion spacecraft splashdown on Earth

The Orion spacecraft shared the image above after flying over the Moon with the reentry engine on. This picture was taken on 5 December when the spacecraft completed 3 minutes, 27 seconds to orbit the satellite and return to Earth.

before burning, Orion made its final lunar approach at 5:43 p.m., passing 130 kilometers above the surface. Byrne employed the main engine of the European Service Module and changed the ship’s speed to approximately 1,054 kilometers per hour. Splashed in the Pacific Ocean on December 11,

Bill Nelson (NASA Administrator) indicated in a statement to the European Space Agency (ESA) that “Orion is going home! The lunar flyby allowed the spacecraft to take advantage of the Moon’s gravity and make it splash down on Earth.” Launched towards and re-entered.!”

“Unfortunately, but by necessity, the European Service Module’s contribution to Artemis ends 40 minutes before splashdown. With crew module adapters, these Orion items will separate from the crew module and burn up harmlessly in the atmosphere.” , will leave the spacecraft alone for the final critical minutes before splashdown,” says ESA.

How and where can you watch Orion’s splashdown?

NASA revealed its schedule of activities for December 11. Live coverage will begin at 5:00 p.m. ET. penultimate time, and for now, it is expected that return to Earth and Splashdown happens at 18:40 Peninsular Time.

After this, control of Artemis I will be handed over to recovery teams Exploration Ground System A press conference will be held to learn more about Orion’s return.

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